Bitcoin hash-rate exceeds total computing power of all the world’s computers!

Bitcoin’s hash-rate (the total computing power of the network, defined as number of SHA-256 hashes it can compute per second) has most likely exceeded the total computing power of all the world’s computers.

It’s an estimate that there are about 2 billion personal computers in the world. I would assume that the average hash-rate of these computers is about 10 MegaHash. 20 Billion MegaHash = 20,000,000,000 MegaHash = 20,000,000 GigaHash = 20,000 TerraHash = 20 PetaHash. The current hash-rate (at the time of writing this article) is a little over 20 PetaHash. So, most likely the Bitcoin network’s hash-rate has exceeded the total computation power of all the personal computers in this world combined!

8 thoughts on “Bitcoin hash-rate exceeds total computing power of all the world’s computers!

  1. Perhaps some clarity is needed – are you compairing the CPU processing power of all the PCs in the world versus the GPU+Asic processing power of the BitCoin network?

    Because it sounds like you’re saying the PCs in the network have more processes power than the PCs in and outside of the network together… which obviously doesn’t make sense :P

  2. So Bitcoin’s hash-rate doesn’t exceed the processing power of “all the world’s computers.” All the world’s computers include not only PCs, but mobile devices, supercomputers, etc.

    If you don’t understand what I mean then I suggest you read more and keep your writing private. If you crafted your title knowing that all computers aren’t pcs, then you need attention more than you value being correct.

  3. How can the hash-rate exceed the total computation power of computer around the world?
    Seems like a sensational title and nothing more :)

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  5. So Bitcoin is doing more computing than all the world’s PCs. So what’s doing all this computing? Main frames? Servers? The Singularity and computronium?

    BTW, it’s Tera”Hash,” not Terra”Hash.”

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